FAZL Uttar (North) Mittens
FAZL Uttar (North) Mittens
FAZL Uttar (North) Mittens

FAZL Uttar (North) Mittens

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Hand-Knit + Luxuriously Cozy + Fair Trade + Vegan + 50% of Profits Support Orphanages!  One size fits most

  • Fair Trade & Handmade in the Himalayas by Happy Ladies    
  • Profits support Orphaned and Destitute Children in India
  • Velvety Soft & Warm
  • Vegan (Acrylic and Nylon – warmth of wool without the itch!) 

Mittens Profile: For all of us who like to think of ourselves as “True, north, strong and freeeee . . . !” These mittens will Blow. Your. Mind. Please accept our homage to snow, evergreen trees, maple syrup, pond hockey, hot chocolate, and lots and lots of winter! The ultimate way to wear your Uttar mittens is riding across the tundra, on a dogsled, decked out in plaid with the aurora borealis twinkling overhead. When winter calls – answer in style and head north.

Length from palm to fingertip (our ultra-cozy material will stretch!)
Small: 6.5-7 inches
Medium: 7.5-8 inches

All prices are in USD.

Footnote: Our mittens are hand-made by real people. For this reason, each pair may include subtle variations in colour and pattern details from those seen in our photos. The overall colour scheme and design will remain very similar.